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12 May Love me tender

I've had some feedback recently from people who've tried my pork recipes and had a problem with tough meat. Now, I know it's important to chew your food properly, but no one wants a mouthful of shoe leather, and when you've gone to all the effort of...

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28 Apr Sugar and spice…

Earlier this month, the Metro ran a story saying that Shirley Cramer, chief executive of the Royal Society of Public Health, is recommending that food labelling tell people how much exercise they would need to do in order to burn off the calories contained in...

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01 Jan Don’t be a quitter!

Happy New Year!   I may have had a bit of a fuzzy head this morning, but time and tide waits for no one, and I really wanted to walk the dogs on the beach at low tide. So, after a brief internal debate, I mustered my...

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20 Oct What does ‘dairy-light’ mean?

Cows milk is perfect for growing calves, but it's not so good for me!  Quite a long time ago, I went traveling. For two years, I wandered the South Pacific, Australasia, and South East Asia. It was wonderful, but I also got sick and, as consequence, developed an...

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