Index Meals | Index card 2
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Index card 2

Thai fishcakes with stir fry noodles

Many years ago, while traveling in South East Asia, I took a cookery course in Chang Mai. Each participant chose four dishes from a menu, then our instructors took us to a local food market to buy everything we needed to make them.

The fishcakes I learned to make that day were quite different from the ones in this recipe. This is what you might call a ‘regional’ version, but it’s still delicious, in its own way.

This is a great recipe for those wet and windy autumn days when you crave something substantial, but don’t have time for a roast dinner.

It’s another recipe borrowed from Donna Hay (I really love her approach to food), but her version calls for lamb backstraps, while mine uses a cut of meat that can often be found in the ‘3 for £10’ range at a well-known supermarket.


This is one of those super-fast meals that is just as good chilled as it is hot from the pan, so it’s ideal if you and your loved one are eating at separate times.

Here’s a flavoursome dish, guaranteed to fill your belly and lift your mood.

Five-spice chicken with garlic greens
Beans on toast with a twist

This is one of those store cupboard staples that is so easy to make with just few few last-minute emergency purchases. It’s my go-to meal when we’ve just returned from a weekend away, or I haven’t had a chance to get to the supermarket yet.

You might find that you already have several of the items on this week’s list left over from Index card 1’s meals. I’ve marked these in blue on the new list, just to be clear.

The parsley, if it isn’t all gone already, is probably past its best anyway, so best get some more. But garlic, root ginger, lemongrass, and dill keep well and are probably still good for a few more days. You might still have enough new potatoes left over, too.

Red curry paste, kaffir lime leaves and beef stock were also in last week’s meals, so you should be alright for these, unless you bought fresh stock. Also, this week calls for basmati rice to accompany the five-spice chicken, but if you still have some jasmine left over, you could go with that.

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