Index Meals | Index card 4
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Index card 4


Get the week off to a great start with the ultimate gourmet treat. This butternut squash risotto is one of our favourites. It’s savoury, rich and sweet, but not too heavy – and incredibly easy to make.

Literally translated as “Tuna and beans,” this is simple Italian food at its finest. I try to buy nice, glossy, fat tuna steaks from the fish counter, rather than the pre-packaged ones at the supermarket, but you can even use the tinned variety if you prefer.


Creamy goat cheese and herbs, sandwiched between tender pork medallion and flavoursome prosciutto, served with sweet grilled tomatoes and a green leaf salad. Yummy!

This butternut squash and aubergine coconut curry is so rich, you might be surprised to discover that it’s entirely dairy-free.

The fresh basil and lime wedges really complete this meal. The basil really brings out the flavour, and the whole dish is transformed when you squeeze a little juice over it.


Prawn and chorizo make a winning combination for me every time. In the summer, I like to make this recipe by threading them alternately on skewers and cooking them over the barbecue. But the advantage of cooking them in a pan is that you don’t lose those delicious juices.

You can make the pasta salad with any combination of herbs you like, although soft-leaved annual herbs like basil, parsley and dill work better than shrubby ones like rosemary and thyme.

The great thing about ‘simple gourmet’ is that your shopping list is comparatively small, and you probably have many of the items already.

As usual, the ingredients that you’re likely to have left over from previous weeks are indicated on the shopping list in blue. You may have basil, garlic and thyme left over, but make sure you have enough basil for three meals. You’ll only need a sprig or two of thyme, however, so you probably won’t need more.

It’s likely that you have a shallot left over from Index card 3 for this week’s risotto, and, unless you’re taking the vegetarian option, the ½ packet of streaky bacon you need should tie up quite nicely with the ½ a packet you used in last week’s Paella.

Finally, check if you already have enough red curry paste, stock, basmati rice, extra-virgin olive oil, white wine vinegar and orzo pasta for this week, too.

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